Tap Room Crawl, Cali style

We’re pretty familiar with tap rooms in Minneapolis, seems like a new one opens up weekly around here and we’ve been to a fair amount of them. My brother-in-law who loves a good craft beer wanted to show us the tap rooms in the South Bay area so on our last night in LA we hit a few up. For some reason I expected west coast tap rooms to be somehow different, like there should be geographical differences in how they’re set up. I’m not really sure why I thought this, bars and restaurants are pretty much the same from coast to coast. And apparently, so are tap rooms.

I love craft beer, and consider myself a beer snob although I barely know the difference between a Porter and a Stout (is there a difference??). I know that generally I like IPA’s and don’t like wheat beers.  Anyway, this review will mostly be about the ambiance of each place because I inherently pay more attention to that over what the beer tastes like.

First stop was Smog City Brewing. This was the most ‘rustic’ of the 3 we visited. Cool place, nice staff, kick ass logo, and good beer – I had the Hoptonic IPA.


After one beer, we went to our next stop Monkish Brewing.  Super cute place, nice tasting room and it was packed.  We ended up in the back room where the brewery was and an employee found a little barrel so we could set down our beers.  I ordered a 4×4 flight  (four 4oz pours). Instead of getting a flight with all 4 beers at once you get them one at a time. I really liked that set up, it let you try more beers and not have to worry about juggling 4 glasses at once. You got one beer plus 3 tokens for your next 3 beers which they poured in your same glass after a quick rinse.


I think my favorite beer her was The Feminist – as much for the name as the taste 🙂


20141226_191702 IMG_20141226_193632

Last stop was The Dude’s Brewing Company.  This place had the best So Cal vibe and the best logo (with Smog City a close second).  They also have the best Instagram account.


I got their 4×4 flight also, but have no idea what beers I ordered.  I’m pretty sure I got the Blood Orange Ale and the Double Trunk?  I wasn’t driving…

This place was open for an hour later than the others and we started seeing familiar faces of other groups on a tap room crawl. It made me wonder what it is that I like about tap rooms. You can get a good beer anywhere, what is the appeal of tap rooms over a bar where you get table service and usually a place to sit?  Is it the appreciation for the art of beer making, being invited into their workshops to enjoy the fruit of their labor?  It is the adventure of trying new beers and going to new places? Or is it because you can get 4oz pours rather than committing to a full pint?  Maybe it’s the journey of going from place to place so you never get bored, the conversation doesn’t get stagnant.  Whatever it is, tap rooms always end up being a good time.


And at the end of the night, my sister bought us 2 beer glasses which are totally sweet.    Cheers!


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