This cubicle is making me clausterphobic

Almost two years ago I joined a new team at work and moved to a new building.  I went from my cozy cubicle to an open office floor plan with just a table, a bookcase and a file cabinet.  It was a big change and most of us that moved over were completely resistant to the new layout.  There’s no privacy, you can see everyone when you’re sitting at your desk, conference calls are going to be horrible, and a million other reasons why this set up sucks.  Well, it didn’t take long to start to appreciate the wide open space.  It was lighter, brighter and we realized that you don’t have that much privacy in a cubicle either.

This week, the company moved all of us back into one building.  The one with the cubicles – only they’re shoving more of us into one building so the cubicles had to get smaller.  A lot smaller.  So of course, we all start complaining about going back to this:


It feels so 90’s.  Like we’re literally in the movie “Office Space


Now we have to actually stand up or lean out of our cube to talk to our neighbor.


How did we take such a big step backwards as far as office décor?  Who invented the cubicle and why did they think it was good idea?  I know we’ll adapt to cubicle life again, but I’ll never like it. I think your environment has a big impact on the work you do. And in researching for this post I found a ton of data supporting that fact.  We spend so much time decorating our homes and seeking out bars, restaurants and stores that have appealing environments, why don’t we treat our office space the same way? Offices can make you feel like a corporate drone or inspire creativity. But I don’t think the people that are in charge of my office layout are in agreement.


But if I was in charge, I’d want to create a layout like this:






Oh, who am I kidding?  I want to work in an office like this:








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