Unnatural hair color

On a recent trip to Bed Bath & Beyond, after searching thru all of the amazing kitchen gadgets and picking out a new shower caddy, I stumbled upon a clearance endcap in their personal care section. On it I found a can of Metallic Teal hairspray for $5 and of course, had to buy it.  I’ve never used hair chalk although I’ve been tempted to try it.  My sister has experimented with crazy hair colors for years and always has a streak of pink, purple, blue or a combination of colors in her hair (my mom hates it!!).  I figured this was an easy, cheap and temporary way to try out blue highlights.


I tried it this week and wanted it a little subtle since I was going to work and had no idea how vibrant it would be.  It went on easily, but didn’t really seem to stay.  I felt like part way thru the day it just wore off – but I may not have put enough in – I didn’t want it to be too crazy.  I’ll keep experimenting and probably use more next time.  I also searched Pinterest for some ideas on teal highlights.  These are all pinned to my ‘hair’ board.  (I should really rename that board – totally boring name).

2e7c0a43ab01dd7d1a40ff6cbdef5191 6c8d8cf20bbacddb58885124b814d228 12ed315f3592fec438a9d4e93b767eb5 81df6b144559a53ec0b6ff728d69f173 90c77029a5b165e5288b2abe26833821 771fdfe83cab3f5cf59b6ef68ebb348f 804e601534c2d427e53391332f832644 952972eb5a78030032a0fa42f287feac a885d0cfa02bd1bada53ec59bc7f6c83 c0d1ccfaa7a0dc61b4b93ca8278a90b9 c9692b5976fb042252492604af773f99 fd09abf7ced37cd0e50a7d92f564534a



Once this can of spray is gone, I’ll probably start to experiment with semi-permanent dyes.  Jerome Russell Punky Colours got good reviews on Ulta.  I’m sure my mom will love having both of her daughters with weird colored hair 🙂

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