Starbucks Flat White

I stopped at the Starbucks inside Target this morning and saw the sign again for the Flat White.


I saw it last week and thought about getting it, but opted instead for my usual Americano.  I like Americanos mostly because they’re cheap for Starbucks and fewer calories. This morning tho, I was suckered in by the marketing and decided to try it and I ordered a grande.  $4.77 later I was waiting for my drink.  I’m always so sticker shocked at my bill when I order anything other than an Americano or brewed coffee.  Like I’ve never been to Starbucks and have no idea how much coffee costs.


As I waited for my drink I wondered if this could really be worth $5 or if I should have just gone with an Americano.  But – after one sip, I changed my mind. It was a pretty good coffee.  It’s like a latte, but less milky and not foamy like a cappuccino.  Would I spend $5 on one everyday, no.  But it’s a good treat when you need something fancier than black coffee.



t-shirt found on Pinterest.

This morning was just coffee, I didn’t even manage to get mascara on.  And I forgot to put on sunscreen on my face too.

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