Dumb bags for St Patty’s day

I love St Patrick’s Day because it’s a completely ridiculous holiday.  I’m amazed every year when you look around and 90% of people are wearing some shade of green.  They’re not Irish, they have no idea who St. Patrick is and they never wear green outside of today (and I’m including myself in that group of people).  But I love celebrating anything so I always enjoy a Guinness and dig around for some green article of clothing (usually a scarf).  oh yeah, and I have this headband:


and did this to my nails, and yes, that’s a green phone case.


even Yukon Cornelius celebrates:


But here are my picks for what bag you need for the day:

For the crafter and leprechaun lover:


For the hipster – true vintage:


For the beer wench:


When you’re trying to keep it classy:


And finally, when you need some sparkle:


Sláinte Y’all

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