You know that your duty free bottle of rum broke…

…immediately when your baggage comes down the shoot of the baggage carousel.  It happened to us 4 years ago on our last trip to Turks & Caicos.  Its a potent smell that is heartbreaking after a 5hr delay and it’s not 4am and you know you have one less bottle of rum to enjoy and ten million tiny shards of glass to clean out of your suitcase.

We discovered Bambarra rum on our first trip to the island in 2010. My only real experience with rum prior to that was Captain Coke or Rum Punch on vacation. The thought of drinking rum straight never crossed my mind.  Actually, it did – I did a shot of Captain once…  Once. (not one of my better choices in life).  So when I saw on the  menu “The Islander” Bambarra 8yr Reserve served on the rocks, I was skeptical.  The bartender assured me that this is how they drink it on the island and that it was very smooth sipping rum. So I gave it a try and never looked back. There are a lot of great rums, but Bambarra holds a special place in our hearts because it reminds us of our favorite vacation spot.  And they don’t export it so like a Cuban cigar the inability to run to Total Wine & More and pick up a bottle makes it that much more desirable.

For our trip this year I was determined to learn from my mistakes and not come home to any broken bottles so I invested in a hard sided suitcase.  Here is the not dumb bag:


Not dumb because it fulfilled its duty.  No broken bottles this year:


We will enjoy our Bambarra at home, although it still doesn’t taste quite the same as it does on the island after a swim with salt in the air, sand in your hair, enjoying a rum picnic at the beach.


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