3 Steps to the Ultimate Kentucky Derby Party

Step 1:  Make a giant hat

We always watch the derby, but this year I decided I needed a proper hat. I ran to Michael’s with my 20% off everything including sale items coupon and found some supplies. I decided to go with a fascinator style so I didn’t need to buy a hat as the base.  I found a headband at the dollar store and attached flowers with floral tape.


It took a couple failed attempts before I figured out how to attach the flowers, but the result turned out pretty good.

11189277_1385565115106229_1087021506_n11184520_1443705905942303_1741059765_n 20150502_173644

I look crazy in this pic.

Step 2:  Mint Juleps

Obviously you need mint juleps. They’re best in mint julep cups too, I found these copper cups on Amazon.  I know they’re supposed to be silver, but it was hard to find food grade silver julep cups that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, so I went with these.  They can always be used for Moscow Mules in the future.


I bought 3 different bourbons that were all ranked pretty high and all were under $20.  Old Forester (95 rating Ultimate Spirit Challenge) $17.99, Watkins Select Bourbon (89 rating Wine Enthusiast) $16.99 and American Pride (because ‘murica) $10.99.  Old Forester had the most character and Watkins was the smoothest.  American Pride is a good mixing budget bourbon, although I think I prefer Cabin Still or Old Grandad.

1_1817750_4_3  3_115780750_2_31_113460750_4_3

For the julep I mixed 2.5 oz bourbon .5-1 oz simple syrup (I like mine less sweet so I cut back on the SS), muddle the mint in the palm of my hand per Robert Duvall’s instructions in “Thank You for Smoking” and pour over crushed ice.



Step 3:  Place your bets

To make it a party we printed off the early races and picked our horses. Betting on the early races makes watching the whole day of coverage more interesting. I have no pictures of this, but I did pick 2 of the winners!!  The derby itself is only 2min so you need something to do while you’re wearing your hat drinking mint juleps.


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