Flower Power

I started gardening shortly after we moved into our house 14 years ago.  I’m by no means an expert or even very good, but I’ve picked up a few things here and there.  I have mostly perennials in my garden and annuals in containers on the patio and in window boxes.  One thing I love about gardening is taking a space overrun with weeds, cleaning it up and making it pretty. It’s so satisfying to make such a huge transformation in a short period of time. Like this garden by our patio:



The plants will fill in and most are flowering so in mid to late summer we’ll have flowers to look at when we’re relaxing on the patio.  We spend so much time in the summer outside on the patio and we love looking at the garden and flowers all summer long.  Last year I didn’t get containers planted so the patio looked pretty sad.  This year I’m hoping to correct that!!

This spring our lilacs are blooming better than they have in years.  The fragrance is almost overwhelming in the backyard. I cut a few blooms and put them in a vase on our patio table.


Oh, and here’s some peonies I saw at the nursery.  I didn’t buy one because I had no idea where I would put it, but they were beautiful!!!!!!

20150509_111138 20150509_111142 20150509_111146

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