End of summer

Every year summer goes by way too fast and this year was no exception. We went on an amazing vacation, but there are still things on my summer “to do” list that remain undone.

  • SUP – I love it and for the past 3 yrs I have talked about buying a board. I didn’t even rent one this year.
  • New bars/restaurants – winter is an easy excuse to not get out and see this city.  I have no excuse to not get out in the summer.
  • Yard work – actually we did some curb appeal improvements and some gardening this year. And my containers were pretty good this summer too. But there’s so much more that could have been done.
  • Lake time – related to #1 above. I didn’t get to one lake this year. Not one lake!!  No cabin, no boats (except on the ocean in Turks & Caicos), I didn’t even drive around the lakes this summer.

Well, despite my summer failings we are spending the last day smoking a pork butt and enjoying a dry rose on the patio. It was hot around noon when the sun was teasing us like a mid-summer day. As the sun starts to drop behind the house I can feel the cool, late summer air. It feels good, and as the temperature continues to drop I know it will morph into perfect sleeping weather.  Altough it’s refreshing, the cool breeze is a reminder that summer is coming to an end. I contemplate getting a sweatshirt but opt for more wine instead.  Fall can wait…


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