we got sweets!

After 67 years, one of Minneapolis’ landmarks closed its doors.  Nye’s Polonaise Room was once voted “Best Bar in America” by Esquire magazine and it lived up to the title.  It was unpretentiously hipster, authentically retro, a place to go if you were 21 or 81 .  Nye’s was a bar, restaurant and piano bar.  The décor hadn’t changed since 1949, some of the staff spent their entire career at Nye’s.  I can’t remember how many times my husband sang “Sentimental Reasons” to me from the piano.  It was one of a kind.

Nye’s was a place for proper cocktails.  Dirty Martinis and Bourbon Old Fashioneds. We used to go with family and friends, groups of us would gather around the microphone singing not quite as well as the regulars.  The food was polish supper club style, complete with relish tray.  I don’t think I ever veered from the Polish Sausage and Pierogi entree.  It just didn’t seem right to get anything else.  

We went back for one final visit 4 days before they closed.  The polish sausage & pierogies didn’t disappoint.  We enjoyed a few drinks- although they were served in plastic ware since the glassware was quickly  being taken as souvenirs- and snapped a few final pics.  Here’s a few images over the years.  Oh, and the title of the post?  From an amazingly fun trip with the cousins that involved a crazy waiter, a dessert tray, and snapchat….




As I sat down to write this post, Van Morrison’s “Reminds Me of You” started playing on Pandora and I’m getting all sentimental again.  Cheer Nye’s, you will be missed.


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