Top 5 flip-flops for National Flip-Flop Day

Who knew that there was a day dedicated to flip-flops?  Of course there is, there’s a day for just about everything. For me, everyday is flip-flop day.  I pretty much live in them all summer and because I wear them all the time I’m really picky about comfort and fit.  They have to be comfortable enough to wear on an all day shopping trip, and have some arch support and cushion.  Below are my top flip-flop picks:
Rainbow (1) – I love Rainbow flip-flops.  I had one pair that I bought for $45 and found my second pair barely used at a consignment shop for $13.  They’re classic surfer flip-flops, the leather bottom is comfortable and they have some arch support.  These are the kind of flip-flops that get better with age and like a good pair of jeans, there’s nothing better than when they’re broken in and worn out.
Reef (2) – Another classic surfer brand.  I’ve had 4 or 5 pairs of Reef’s over the years.  My favorite style “Sandy” is getting harder to find, but looks like there’s a few options to purchase online.
Fit Flops (4)- I think these started as the shoes that are supposed to tone your legs quicker.  I don’t think they worked for that, but they’re comfortable and some are a little dressy too.  I have a black sequenced pair that look cute with a skirt.  They have a super cushy sole and are comfortable to walk in all day long.
Teva (3) – Classic 90’s brand.  Comfortable sports flip-flops.
Sanuk Yoga Mat (5) – Flip-flops made from yoga mats.  Namaste.
Honorable Mention:
Birkenstock Arizona (6) – I know, they’re not flip-flops, but over the last couple years they’re starting to be my go to shoes.  I used to wear these with socks in the 90’s, today I skip the socks and go barefoot.  Some would argue that they’re ugly, but their comfort makes up for it.  The only downside to Birkenstock’s is they’re bad in the rain or if it’s really hot (if your feet get sweaty).
Birkenstock Essentials Arizona (7)- New this year, I saw an ad for these from Nordstrom.  they’re a rubber version of the Arizona.  Reviews were pretty good, but there were a few bad ones saying they were too flimsy.  For only $35 I had to buy them, plus it’s easy returns at Nordstrom if I didn’t like them.  I think they’re my new fave this year.  The material is so soft and feels so good on your feet.  They’re a little dressier than the leather Birks and they’re almost as supportive as the originals.

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